Try hd (0,2): EXT2:

I have a dualboot system win7 and Kubuntu 14.04, this is running since a year ok. after an update I have trouble!
I cannot boot into Kubuntu (only via supergrubCd2)
Win 7 is still running fine.

I installed the system following

The sdb is only an USB external backup drive

I use EasyBCD 2.2 (already purged adn reinstalled it)

If I boot:
TRY .....
TRY hd (0,2) EXT2: _ <<< Cursor blinks and system hangs

Here my config: Ubuntu Pastebin

Do you have any hints?.
Thank you in advance

Steel-Cat / Hendrik


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Can you try EasyBCD 2.3 beta build 195? It was just uploaded and includes some updates for Grub4Dos.

Note that you'll need to delete and re-create the entry in EasyBCD after you've upgraded (i.e. upgrading EasyBCD does not automatically upgrade individual old entries).
Hello Mahmoud Al-Qudsi,

so I uninstalled 2.2 - installed 2.3 196 - deleted the entry - installed a new entry for SDA3 and rebooted:

No Change :frowning:

Here as info:

Partition Boot Start Sector End Sector # of Sectors Id System

/dev/sda1 * 2,048 4,198,399 4,196,352 27 Hidden NTFS (Recovery Environment)
/dev/sda2 4,200,448 209,002,495 204,802,048 f W95 Extended (LBA)
/dev/sda5 4,202,496 209,002,495 204,800,000 7 NTFS / exFAT / HPFS
/dev/sda3 209,002,496 968,384,511 759,382,016 83 Linux
/dev/sda4 968,384,512 976,773,119 8,388,608 82 Linux swap / Solaris#

It might be interesting that Easy BCD tells me in the drop down for the Linux drive to select:

Drive 1
Partition 1 : 0x27 2 GB
Partition 2 : Linux 362 GB
Partition 3 : Swap 4 GB
Partition 4 : C on NTFS 98 GB

info from Linux:

sda3: __________________________________________________________________________

File system: ext4
Boot sector type: Grub2 (v1.99-2.00)
Boot sector info: Grub2 (v2.00) is installed in the boot sector of sda3
and looks at sector 257604168 of the same hard drive
for core.img. core.img is at this location and looks
for (,msdos3)/boot/grub.
Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS
Boot files: /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/fstab

all info at

How can I increase debuggin infos at easybcd?
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