Trying to add an XP drive to make a triple boot system

Hello all,
I'm new to the forum and I am here as a last resort to what has become a thoroughly frustrating problem.
I have recently upgraded to a new computer came with a newly installed copy of XP Pro on a 1TB SATA HDD.
My old computer was set up with a dual boot (made with EasyBCD 2.0 Beta) using two separate HDDs, Windows 7 Ultimate on a 1TB SATA drive and XP Pro on an IDE drive.
I assumed that since the new motherboard has an IDE interface along with the SATA interface, then I could just install the XP and Ultimate drives in my new tower, download EasyBCD 2.2, and let the program do it's 'magic'. Well, I'm either a really bad Houdini or there is a whole lot more to setting up a triple boot system than I originally thought. At present my computer will open to the boot menu showing all three options, and the two Windows 7 drives open perfectly. However when I chose the XP option it begins the XP startup screen then a few seconds later it returns to the POST screen and the boot menu to follow.

After reading practically every thread pertaining to this problem and trying to reconfigure the bootloading at least 20 times, it's clear that I will not solve this problem on my own. From what I can tell the help that is provided here is a real labor of love, so I am hoping to receive some of the same as I try to solve my booting woes once and for all. Thanks in advance for any help you folks can provide.

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Well the problem comes from the simple fact you cant take a drive out of 1 system and put it into another. Windows installs what is known as a hardware profile. That profile is for the system it is installed upon. If that profile doesn't match, Windows wont work. Windows XP you might luck out with a Repair install, but I wouldn't hold my breath. The chances you will have Driver support is zero to absolute zero.

Windows 7 will require either an inplace upgrade or a clean install. That will be the only way to truly make your system triple boot.
So, are you saying that it would be impossible to ever make this XP drive work in my new computer, or that it is just too hard for anyone to figure out how to make it work?
I have already put this XP hard drive in an old Dell computer as the sole hard drive. It started up by showing the old dual boot menu, and I only had to select XP for it to boot up the OS.
Are the new computers unable to be configured to run this drive? I'm lost now because other threads on here describe ways that folks are configuring their computers to do this.

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Two things I want to point out about the IDE drive with my XP OS on it. First, with my current setup the computer definitely 'sees' the drive. When I boot to either of the Windows 7 systems I can open the drive that has XP on it. I have access to everything on that disk. Of course right now it's just storage. The second is that I am ready and willing to do a complete fresh re-install of my XP Pro to that drive if someone can assure me that doing so would make it possible to create a triple boot configuration that would actually work. I can always reload the programs that will only operate within the XP environment.
But there's no reason to even try this method if it not likely to fix the problem.

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I am saying that it would be impossible. Go to your new PC manufacturer's site. Check their site for Drivers for XP. I bet you Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Balmer and Tim Cook's money that you wont find any. XP is past end of life. Microsoft isn't even supporting it past April. No PC manufacturer is going to make drivers for an OS when the people that created it don't even plan on supporting it in 6 months.

The Dell must have very similar specs to the PC it was taken from for it to work. As I have already stated, you cant just take a drive out and have it work cause of the hardware profile. Don't believe me, Google it. You will see many results for the same subject.

New Computers are not able to run XP due to lack of drivers. XP will install but you will not be able to use all the hardware due to lack of.....drivers. Drivers are done by the manufacturer's, NOT Microsoft. So HP, Dell and all the rest have to create the drivers. Heck you don't even see NVidia and AMD making video drivers for their new cards for XP anymore. So it has nothing to do with new computers, it has everything to do with the fact XP IS DEAD. Time to let it go.

Yes the PC will see the drive. Yes you can try to do a clean install of XP. But if you bother to really read and try to comprehend what I am saying you will see that nothing you will try will work. There is nothing made for new computers to run XP anymore. No company makes XP Drivers so that the new hardware can run the OLD OUTDATED OS.

I am flat out telling you right now that no matter what you will NOT have a FULLY FUNCTIONAL install of XP. I can assure you of that much. Aside from that if you wish to install XP and have no support for sound, network and possibly display. Go ahead and try. Cause you will not find such drivers. Microsoft wont help you and neither will the people who made the parts. XP isn't even going to be considered an OS anymore in 6 months. Better to accept the truth now than try and get upset when you cant get it working right and come back only to have it stated yet again that there was no hope to begin with.

You have about a good of a chance to get XP fully functional as you do of winning the lottery.