Trying to create bootable USB and getting error

Hi there; I download the Bootable USB creator and 2 things happen. First I get an error saying I must run as an administrator. But it bypasses and pops up the right window. However, and as soon as I select my file and disk, I get an error that says "unable to mark drive as active partition! Please manually make drive active before trying again". Not sure what this error is, nor how to make the USB active.

Any suggestions?


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Use Disk Management.
Right click on the USB drive and select "set active"
Need help on this same issue please. Have just spent 5 fruitless hours on a nice Saturday attempting to fix my Windows 7 endless startup loop. Have bought and downloaded EasyRE for Windows 7 to an old laptop (running Windows XP). Have downloaded Easy USB Creator and get the same error code as the OP. However when I try the disc management fix as Terry recommended, although 'mark partition as active' shows up as a choice it is not clickable (i.e. gray) and does not work. Have searched all over forums and cannot find fix. Need help please!!!