Trying to gain access to hard drive data...

Hello all,

Will try to be brief. Have an Acer laptop running Vista. One partition 2 drive letters (C & D). Vista on C.
Used MBR repair about a year ago after losing MBR. Same thing happened two weeks ago. Tried MBR rpair. Now hangs on green loading bar.

Tried slaving to another laptop via SATA cable. Laptop shows both dries on slave but C drive shows 0 data and space available 0. Drive D on slave is fine. I can access all files.

Any ideas on why no access to slaved C drive? The laptop I'm using to slave to is also an Acer indicating C & D drives. My research shows that with a SATA there shouldn't be a problem.

If slaved C drive has bad sectors is there a way to ignore those sectors?

Appreciate any help.
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