trying to migrate W7 from dual boot drive to ssd; ssd won't boot


I have a dual boot system with XP Pro and Win7 Pro, both on one drive. XP was the original OS, so system files are on its partition which is active. I am trying to migrate Win7 to an SSD. I've copied the partition succesfully and made the SSD active and primary. But the boot folder is still on the XP partition. I have added an entry for the SSD W7 using Easy BCD. If I choose to boot SSD W7 it loads but I can hear the hard drive doing all the work. According to Windows Explorer, SSD is the current system disc, but it doesn't "seem 100%" that way. If I disconnect the hard drive the SSD will not boot (because the system/boot files are on the XP partition). Is there a solution?
Terry60- Thank you once again my friend. That was so easy. I spent 16 hours going in circles; should've come here first. I will now recopy the partition to the SSD and hope for the best.


It all looks right, but still cannot boot from SSD. It starts to load windows then I get a Runtime Error. "Program: H:\Windows\system32\nvvsvc.exe  Application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way." I see the H: but don't know what to do about it. When the multi boot is setup in EasyBCD, the ssd is H: but by itself, ??
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There are no letters in the BCD just UIDs.
EasyBCD just translates those UIDs into letters for your convenience.
Always use letters in EasyBCD to point to partitions as the OS on which EasyBCD is running sees them not how they might see themselves when booted.
If you look at the same BCD from two different OSs, the letters may change, but the BCD hasn't. EasyBCD is just translating into the appropriate map from where you're looking.