Ubuntu and Wired XBOX 360 Controller

Mak 2.0

Staff member
Okay so now that i have ubuntu rolling and i have used my new XBOX 360 controller in XP. I would like to try and use ut in Ubuntu to play some games.

I have googled and found nothing that has worked for me. Any ideas?
I'm more interested in what games for Ubuntu/Linux are worth playing in the first place :lol:

Any suggestions?
Well shockinly i can get Quake 4 to install with just the CD. ALong with UT2004, Halo. they all worked to jsut isntall with the insertion of the CD. So i figured why not and installed them.

I found some insrtuctions. Just ahve to restart and see if they worked.
See for me since there are no games for Linux only and not all Windows games run on Linux, it just makes sense to leaving gaming to Windows.

Hope those instructions work - good luck!
Yeah i know. But when i do get time to game i really dont want to ahve to wait 5 minutes or more to reboot to Windows. Since i only get about 30 minutes to really game. This way at least i can fire up a game and run it no matter what OS i am running. :wink: