Ubuntu sometimes won't boot

I have a Quad Boot (currently testing in virtual machine before I install on my physical machine).
Windows XP Professional
Windows 7 Professional
Windows Server 2008
Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr

I installed all Windows OS's from oldest to newest (correct order). I then unplugged the HDD and plugged in the 2nd HDD and installed Linux (Ubuntu) on it.
When I was done installing the OS, I used Grub Customizer (GUI app) to configure GRUB. I configured it so that GRUB menu would not show. And to automatically pick Linux. When it was done saving, it wrote to the MBR of that drive. I shutdown.
I then plugged the other HDD back in. Let it boot to the first HDD, Windows. It boots into BCD. I choose Windows 7 and install Easy BCD.
I configured Easy BCD and added above entries. When adding entry for Linux, I chose GRUB2 and then the 2nd HDD, Linux partition.
Went to name the entries, then clicked Save. Exit Easy BCD and reboot.
I tested each entry and they all work fine, except....
Ubuntu only boots sometimes. About every other boot or so it will freeze.
See attachments please. Sometimes it will only show the first screen (1st attachment) and sometimes I will get the 2nd line (2nd attachment). But then it freezes. I have to reboot.

When it boots fine, I get those messages still, but it won't freeze. It boots real quick.


I VERIFIED this is a problem with Easy BCD and NOT GRUB.

I booted into the PC and from now on press F12 at boot to choose the HDD to boot to from BIOS.
When I choose the HDD with Linux on it, Linux will boot EVERY TIME!

Infact, I don't even see those screens (in attachment above). Those are screens that only show when booting the OS from BCD Boot Menu.