Ubuntu update resulted in no boot menu at all

I have a laptop that has been dual booting Win-7 and Ubutu 12.04 LTS. The boot menu was set up using EasyBCD. This afternoon I let Ubuntu do a rather large update, and when I rebooted the machine it booted directly into Ubuntu without presenting any sort of boot menu at all. So, I was unable to boot into Windows, and unable to run EasyBCD to try to correct the problem.

Fortunately, I had a recent image of the entire drive, including the boot record, and was able to restore the image from that with little harm done.

My question is, is there any way to prevent Ubuntu updates from trashing the dual boot menu that was set up with EasyBCD? And, could I have recovered the EasyBCD menu without restoring the entire disk? Before I resorted to the image restore, I did try the Windows boot restore option, from the installation disk "repair my computer" option. But, reviewing the log that was generated, Windows didn't change anything.
I found the referenced instructions, and did in fact try the Windows procedure for restoring the boot, although I didn't bother to try the command line "fix MBR" procedure, since I had a useable image of the entire disk to restore from.

For me, the more important concern is whether it is possible to let Ubuntu do updates without having to be worried that it will result in trashing the boot menu that I had built using EasyBCD.