uh-oh it's stuck in reboot mode

Hello Everyone,
Recently I got my laptop to dual boot using EasyBCD Beta 2.0 Today I installed 58 Windows updates into the XP drive (the default OS is Vista).

After the installs and for a "you must reboot your computer..." when I select XP I only get a "Windows was unexpectedly shutdown.. select a start mode.. blah blah, Normal, Safe Mode, etc." No matter which one I select, I will get a continuous reboot, I cannot get to XP. If I select Safe mode, I will see the list of files stream by, but when it gets to the bottom of the list, then it reboots.... over and over and over.......ggrrrrrrr :rage:

Went to EasyBCD, removed XP, rebooted, went to EasyBCD added XP, accepted the defaults, rebooted, selected XP... no boot, still goes into reboot loop same as before. What is going on ? :wtf: Thanks
Hi Kevin.
Sounds like you probably have some kind of virus that is perhaps fooling around with the NTLDR and/or the NTDETECT.COM files which XP uses to boot.

You could try replacing those files (which can be found in the "system" partition according to Disk Management) from your other Windows. EasyBCD 2.0 Beta can accomplish this through either using Tools->Auto-configure boot.ini or by deleting and adding again the XP entry, if you first move the existing boot files out of the root into some other folder, or by deleting them.
Tried the Tools->Auto-configure boot.ini, that didn't work. I couldn't find the boot files on the XP drive while in Vista, but did delete and then Add the XP entry to no avail.


Vista is the boot OS, how can I boot into XP with a CD and still retain or restore the Vista boot after any attempt to fix XP ? I just don't want to do something ignorant and destroy my Vista install. Thanks
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