Unable to boot into Linux Mint 19 64-Bit With EasyBCD 2.3 (Dual Boot Setup Windows 10 )

For some time I have been using a Dual Boot Configuration on my main system Win10/Linux Mint and this has worked fine for me in various configurations, up until I decide to update my Linux Mint to Version 19 "Tara" which was recently released.

The setup I normally use works like this

Windows 10 is already installed and has been for some years currently version 1803 OS Build 17134.137 and this has been dual booting fine with versions of linux mint up to and including version 18.3 cinnamon edition based on ubuntu 16.04, linux mint 19 has now come out based on ubuntu 18.04 and I followed my usual procedure, I installed mint 19 in its own partition on a separate drive which seemed to work ok as it usually does i.e. boot into mint's live environment and install from there, I usually install Grub to the Linux partition and use EasyBCD to generate the Windows Bootloader entry using AutoNeoGrub.mbr and this has always worked for me until now since installing mint 19 everythng behaves as normal up until grub is loaded, instead of getting the grub bootloader menu I just end up at a Grub prompt, very strange. any ideas or suggestions about this would be greatly appreciated.

Just to be sure I re-installed mint 18.3 in the same way and everything works as it should, I wonder if there is something special about ubuntu 18.04 and its derivatives that could be messing with EasyBCD.

Thank you in advance
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Hi all,

Ok, I had a thought, I re-installed Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon in place of Linux Mint 18.3 and went through the load live image and install and Mint 19 installed as it did before, however, I decided to watch the install procedure and everything seemed to install correctly I had prepared an internal drive just for Mint 19 as I did for Mint 18.3, Grub was installed to my Linux drive as it did for Mint 18.3 (in my case sdd) and I installed Grub to sdd again as I did for Mint 18.3 and updated my menu entry in EasyBCD 2.3 and rebooted I selected the Mint19 menu entry, and sure enough it immediately went to a Grub prompt, so there is definitely some kind of an issue, but where ... I rebooted my system again but this time whilst BIOS was loading I chose the option to launch the BIOS boot menu, from there I selected the drive where I had installed Mint 19 and it immediately booted up the Grub loading screen for Mint 19 I hit that and lo and behold Mint 19 launched perfectly, I played about with it for a while applied all the updates that appeared (there were quite a few) and again rebooted ...
on launching 19 from EasyBCD I again hit the Grub prompt but after rebooting again and launching via the BIOS Boot Menu Mint 19 again loaded perfectly, so I am wondering if this is indicating an issue with EasyBCD what do you think
I am also experiencing the same problem with Linux Min 19 (Cinnamon & MATE) My system has Win 10 Pro, Win 7 Pro, and Linux Mint
I have been using Mint ver 15 - 18.3 with no problems until Mint 19 much the same situation as you noted.
My system has separate drives for each OS (Win 10, Win 7, Mint) and the installation was done with only 1 drive connected during the install of
each OS making them all independent stand alone drives. I used Easy BCD to "manage the bootup process" with all drives connected.
I did a fresh clean install of Mint 19 on the Linux drive and expected it to work as usual but Mint 19 failed to work at all, no grub menu. So I atempted to do another fresh clean Mint 19 install as the only drive again. It worked and booted as the only connected drive in the computer.
When I connected the other Win 10 & Win 7 drives and rebooted using the F8 Bios drive menu selection Mint 19 failed to boot and Win 10 & Win 7 would boot via the F8 Bios bootup menu.
Mint 19 seems to read the other drives boot sectors it uses a version of grub2 / pc-bios that self configures (incorrectly) to other connected system drives and is not able to setup to multi OS systems.

Looking for a working "help" to get EasyBCD working to boot
Win 10
Win 7
Linux Mint 10

so far have the only way to get Mint 19 booting is as stand alone drive