Unable to boot Win XP after a dual boot preparation Hello,

hi everybody as you see i am interested to solve computers problems and be expierence with troubleshootings so i know that here always is answers on any questions you everybody are professionals i hope that each your explanations will be very greatfull and helpfull for me sorry if i wrote english wrongly i am from georgia and please help me if i have any questions or any problems
so my next questions is that

While trying to fresh, clean install of Win XP on my HP 550 notebook, I had the well-known "STOP: 0x0000007B (0XF78D2524, 0XC0000034, ..., ...)" blue-screen error message. This was solved by "Disable"ing the SATA device in my BIOS and I could install Win XP without problems.

Following this, I installed Ubuntu 9.10 (64bit) by partitioning the hard-disk with the support of the Ubuntu installation CD and prepared a Ubuntu/XP dual-boot machine.

Now the GRUB provides me options to boot either Ubuntu or XP. But when I boot Win XP, I again get the earlier blue-screen error and the booting aborts and the computer re-starts. I request help to solve this problem.

I've already tried the following:
- Enabling SATA again in the BIOS
--------> This gave me options to boot Win XP in safe modes, but when those options were tried, it just loaded the drivers (spit the text messages) and threw me back to machine restart.
- Getting to recovery with a Win XP installation CD
--------> It asks me to use a recovery floppy (after F6), but I don't have a floppy drive or a recovery program on any CD.
can anybody help me? please thanks for all