Unable to Boot Win XP from Win 7


Although I have read the help and many conversations and used various features of EasyBCD 2 I do not succed.

I have a working Win XP installation on a drive F: and the Win 7 installation on drive C:

With EasyBCD I created two boot entries, one for Win XP and one for Win 7. Both for drive C:

When I boot from drive C: and select Win 7, it boots correctly.
When I select to boot from Win XP I get the message missing NTLDR.

Is there no way, to copy the NTLDR (which exists on my Win XP drive) to Win 7 manually ?



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Hi Anton,
make sure you're using the latest build of release 2.0 (don't use 1.7. It has no automation features).
When you add an XP entry with EasyBCD 2.0 it will offer to auto-configure the XP boot process.
You should have said "yes please".
If you didn't, you can still invoke the auto-configure by going to the "tools" menu and selecting it.
That will copy everything you need to the correct place and correctly configure the XP boot.ini.


Hello Terry,

I am very happy now.
After I had spent already some days with this problem your advice immediately solved the problem.

Thank you very much for your help.