Unable to change boot drive to new SSD

Hi, I have installed a new PCIe ssd in my win 8 laptop with the desire to make this the new OS drive and make my existing HD the data drive. 1) I have cloned the original drive to the new ssd using reflect and 2) when trying to make the new SSD the boot drive i get the message "an attempt was made to change the boot partition to a logical drive which is not allowed. The boot partition must be a primary partition. Please either select a different drive or convert the selected partition to primary first, then try again." 3) If i remove the original HD and they system boots fine on the new PCIe ssd. I still get the same message. 4) my problem is when i put the old HD back in win 8 continues to see it as the boot drive


I forgot to add that disk manager reports the cloned partition as a primary drive inspite of the easy BCD message


Mostly Harmless
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Disk Manager doesn't always show the truth.

Paste the output of EasyBCD | Useful Utilities | Power Console
bootgrabber /tlist