Unable to Recover Windows Vista - Please Help


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I have purchased your recovery product for Windows Vista Home.

The original problem was an unmountable_boot_volume error (blue screen).

I ran your product and selected "Automated Repair" and got the following:

- after the integrity check, I get "Failed to Install NTLDR/BOOTMGR bootloader to /dev/sdb1 - check logs for more details."

- then: "Unable to proceed with repair of this volume. Check logs for more details."

Now when I try to boot, the system simply displays "No g2ldr" and hangs. In other words, I am worse off than when I began....

I don't know what is in the log files as I can find no documentation telling me how to access them.

I have run this multiple times, with the same result.

I have also tried the "system restore" option, but it says it cannot locate any restore point data.

Please advise.... This system is a Toshiba laptop. Thank you.


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If you don't find any suitable answers using a forum search then follow the link Alex gave above for EasyRE support.

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I have encountered the same issue. Are there any responses on this forum?
Considering the site says to email them directly and not to come to the Forums for support, I would have to say no. There will be no responses from this forum that will be of assistance. The website gives specific instructions on what to do if you have issues.