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Disk Management shows the following for DISK 0 (a 2Tb internal hard drive)...

57.22GB unallocated
C:\ 896.45GB NTFS (System, Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary)
D:\ 904.34GB NTFS (Logical Drive)

How can the 57.22 be allocated, leaving only the other two partitions, please?

When I right click on C:\ "extend volume" is not available. It was earlier, but an attempt to extend resulted in a warning to the effect that the drive would no longer be bootable.

A right click on the unallocated space|VOLUMES| lists the partition style as "MBR."
As such, perhaps it's best left alone, but should an MBR need 57.22GB? That was the size of each of two partitions on the former Disk 0 (a 120GB hard drive).

Prior to an MBR rebuild, when an image was restored, there was no unallocated space.
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You can't extend a system partition "backwards" so to speak. The start location and the disk signature are combined to create the UID for that OS. You can only shrink or extend at the tail-end of the partition.
There's nothing to prevent you allocating a third partition in the unallocated space and using it for any purpose you desire.
If you have some prejudice against multiple partitions (and I can't thing why you should), you'll need to use a bootable partition manager offline to move stuff around on the HDD. You can't do it while the OS is running.
(It's not the MBR, that's just 512 bytes at the start of any MBR-configured HDD (as opposed to the more modern GPT-configured HDDs which cater for sizes > 2Tb))


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Thanks for the prompt enlightenment, Terry.
I was able to increase the 8.1 O/S partition size, and banish the unallocated space, through the use of Terabyte Unlimited's Image for Windows "resize during restore" feature.

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To clear things up a bit as well, Windows is installed to the C:\ drive as well as it is using that for the Pagefile. The reason I know this, Windows cant be installed to anything but a Primary drive now. Since the other drive is Extended, Windows is not installed there so all of your Windows 8.1 system files are located there. So that 57GB of space isnt just used for booting. It is used for everything.