Unknown Error While Running EasyRE

I have an issue in Windows 10, where I had an error that required me to go into safe mode to fix. I ran amdcleanuputility.exe as administrator and it asked me if I wanted to boot to safe mode and I said yes. Windows rebooted but never made it to safe mode, only a blank black screen. If I reboot a couple of more times, I get a repair option and a reboot to another operating system option among others. I placed a Win 10 CD in my drive, but the repair options I tried required a Windows password. I never set a password, because I always use a PIN. So the repair options didn't recognize me, so I had to pick something different.

I ran EasyRE for Win 10, which starts and I can choose the two options. I have tried both. After going through a series of pages, while it is running, I get a message to check the log file. I can't remember the address. A line or two down, I get an error message, which I can't read because it's moving too fast. I think it said something about the server being disconnected, but the page goes blank and the computer doesn't respond to any input. The DVD keeps running for a while, but never takes control of the computer again.

I also tried EasyRE for Win 7 and it did the same thing. Any way to pause the display, so I can see what it says? Please help!


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
This sounds like an issue with the graphics card not being correctly supported. What graphics card are you using?