Upgraded Ubuntu and broke bootloader.

Hi, all-

I have a Win7 / Ubuntu dual-boot system which I set up using the instructions in the link below. EasyBCD was used to setup the dual-boot, and I guess it installs GRUB4DOS to get the job done:

How to dual-boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7

Well, yesterday I decided to upgrade Ubuntu to the latest version (12.10), assuming this would be much easier and safer than trying to wipe the current installation and install the new one afresh. Unfortunately, once the upgrade was completed, the laptop rebooted, my GRUB4DOS menu appeared, and when I selected Ubuntu, I was taken out to a GRUB4DOS command prompt.

I assume this is because the upgraded Ubuntu installation has a different name, kernel version, etc., and the existing entry in the list is no longer valid. When I went into EasyBCD, I was able to create new entry names in the list, but I couldn't select an actual installation of an OS... I could only create a list entry. As far as I can tell, the entry I created doesn't point to anything (and I can't find how to make it do so). Here's some info that will give you an idea of how things are set up on my system currently:

Ubuntu Pastebin

Is there a way in EasyBCDE for me to point a GRUB4DOS list entry to my upgraded Ubuntu?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!



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Hi Mark,

You probably created that entry with an older version of EasyBCD?
Boot into Windows, download EasyBCD 2.2, run it, delete the old Ubuntu entry, re-create it, and reboot to test.
@Computer Guru-

Perfect! All is well now, thanks to you. :-D The problem with the previous version of EasyBCD was that it didn't allow me to specify where the Linux installation was located (by drive, partition, etc.) and all it seemed to know about was Windows c:\ drive. As you said, version 2.2 did the trick-- it let me specify the partition from which to boot my Linux installation, or do an auto-detect. Brilliant!

Thank you!!!