Upgrading to Win8 with existing Win7 dual boot

I have an existing dual boot with Win7 and Ubuntu using EasyBCD 2.2. It works flawlessly. I have nothing set as default and nothing autmatically boots until something is physically chosen.

My question is what happens if I decide to upgrade to Win8? Does my boot menu get destroyed or reset by Win8? Does Win8 leave it alone? I hesitate to upgrade because I'm not sure what will happen and what I can do if I lose the ability to dual boot.

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Windows 8 will try to replace the BCD with it's own but you can set defaults in it once the installation completes.
Then the old boot screen will always appear.
Normally it asks near the end of the installation or upgrade process so you should see the option anyway but just in case here's a Tute:

Startup Options - Choose a Default OS to Run at Startup in Windows 8

However if you are only going to then have Windows 8 and Ubuntu as dual boots I believe you will have to use Windows 8's boot menu from then on but I will defer to other Mods here with knowledge of Ubuntu.

Easy BCD 2.2 works fine in Windows 8 as does iReboot 1.1.1.

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