USB external HD used to boot ISO's (Hiren's, Memtest..) and installing multiple OS's

I set my 1TB USB3 external Buffalo HD to be able to boot up several ISO's in the first partition called Utilities, there are 6 more 4GB partitions for Vista32, Vista64, W732, W764, W832 and W864. I could boot from any of my ISO's or do an install of any of the OS's and it worked great. I used Parted Magic to create the partitions and then EasyBCD ver 2.0.2 for the boot menu. I updated to EasyBCD 2.2 and didn't seem to have any trouble and was able to make changes and not have any problems. Not sure what I did but I screwed it up, and I haven't been able fix it or recreate it. No problem with the ISO's, but when it comes to the OS's I'm stuck. What I need it to look like is (example) Device:[H]\sources\boot.wim with each of the OS's having it's own device letter, but it's just not putting that in anymore. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. :angry:
Here are some pics of whats going on.
When I try and boot into the W7 install result.jpg
Here is the Overview Overview N.PNG
Detailed Debug Mode Detailed (Debug Mode) N.PNG
Here is the overview of a working model Overview Y.PNG
Detailed debug mode of working model Detailed (debug Mode) Y1.PNG
more, as you can see it's putting in the device letter, Detailed (debug Mode) Y2.PNG I can't get it to do that again.

Maybe I'm not making the partitions correctly, or installing easyboot right... geeze I put this together a couple of times and now I just can't do it again. I need my usb back to working order. HELP