Using EasyBCD to create a bootable USB for Vista problem

I open EasyBCD and select the partition to install BCD, select Yes to load the new BCD. No visible problems.

The next step where I go to Add new entry, no problems till I go to select the path. When I look at the jump drive there is nothing there to select. I have tried it multiple times and restarted my computer and still cannot get it to work as far I understand it should.

Help would be appreciated !

Mak 2.0

Staff member
Cause by default Windows Vista cant be installed and run from a USB Thumb Drive. That is why EasyBCD is not allowing you to select it when you choose Windows Vista as the OS in the selection screen. You cant just create an entry within EasyBCD for a USB and then insert it to another PC and have it boot. EasyBCD nor the Windows BCD works that way.


Mostly Harmless
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I don't understand what you're trying to "select."

What type of entry are you trying to add to the USB stick's BCD? What will it load (and from where)?