Using NeoGrub to hide Vista partition from XP

I'm using EasyBCD to dual-boot between Windows Vista and XP. There's an option in EasyBCD to install NeoGrub, which I understand has the ability to hide the Windows Vista partition when booting into XP. Consequently, XP would not then delete the Vista restore points.

The instructions for NeoGrub are quite brief, though, mostly just pointing to the website for Grub. There's lots of information there, but it's above my head, as if written solely for programmers. Is anyone using NeoGrub to hide the Vista partition? If so, how easy is it to set up?

P.S.: Please forgive the cryptic subject heading. This is my first post, and I mistakenly thought I was supposed to place my handle in that field, and it seems I can't edit the subject once it's posted.

Hi Michael,

Yeah, that's really one of the most important utilizations of NeoGrub but surprisingly, you're the first to ask.
To tell you the truth: we haven't tried it. I know it can be done, theoretically speaking, because NeoGrub gives you all the tools to do it.
But I haven't had XP or 2003 installed since last Sept. so I didn't get the chance.

If you give me a bit, I'll see if I can't install XP on this machine later today and if all goes well I'll post a how-to :smile:


Title changed
Thanks for offering to help. I first tried BootIt NG, which has an option to hide a partition, but encountered problems because my boot drive has a partition reserved for a "factory fresh" restore. After re-reading the user guide three times, I still couldn't successfully set up a dual-boot system.

EasyBCD, by contrast, made it amazingly simple. If only that simplicity extended to NeoGrub. I searched Microsoft's Windows Vista Installation group, but could find nothing related to NeoGrub. Your assistance is appreciated.

Well, I'm glad you liked EasyBCD.

Vista, like a true product from Microsoft, is now refusing to install on my test machine..... Let's hope I can figure this out.
Reading this with interest as my efforts to hide Vista using its built in Bitlocker encryption have so far failed.
Well, I got it to work OK :smile: (That is to say, Vista is installed and I can hide the partition when I boot into XP)

Just need to sort out a couple of technicalities, then I will post the guide.
I knew I shouldn't have even read this thread considering the disaster I had trying to install Linux.

I did exactly as stated and now I can only boot to Vista. The renamed NeoGrub boot entry (now XP Pro) only gives me a black linux screen which might as well be written is Sanskrit for all I understand of it.

HELP I want my XP's back...both of them!!
Yes - Vista is on drive 1 partition 1 and that's what I put. (hd1,1)

I pasted in the whole thing though now that I realise....including the # Optional section but I also put 1,1 there.
Pay attention to the details man :crazy:

Drive 1 -> 0
Partition 1 -> 0

so (hd0,0) - not 1,1 :tongueout:

Also, what's your boot drive? IS it the Vista drive or the XP drive?
Yes I just realised that it's partition 0. So how come I can boot into Vista but if I choose XP it gives me a grub screen?
Did you change the letters for them as I indicated in the above post? Does it still give you a GRUB screen even now?
I don't understand. Letters? Where? Yes I get a grub screen if I opt for the XP entry on the boot menu.