using old hard disc with xp already installed on it


I have just replaced my conputer, the new one has vista already installed. I have already installed Linux on a partition and am using BCD to boot. As some of my programmes will not work in Vista can I install the hard disc out of my old xp computer set it as a slave and just ask BCD to look for it. To me this sounds far to simple, can someone advise me please.
Hi Bari, welcome to NST
EasyBCD 2.0 latest build can certainly detect and correctly auto-configure your XP if you add the new drive, and it should get as far as booting it when you select it.
However, it's extremely unlikely that it will run successfully. It contains in its registry an internal map of its old environment, which will not correspond to the place it now finds itself in. The mobo chipset, the graphics card, the HDD layout and lettering will all most likely be wrong. If the XP came as a pre-installed system on a previous PC, it will have a xxxxx OEM xxxxxxx xxxxx serial number which ties it to the old hardware, and detection of the new hardware will trigger a validation attempt which will be rejected.
If the XP has a full retail licence (you've got the CD in a box), you should be able to "repair install" it and re-validate the key, though it will probably be rejected online and need to be done by phone.