VHD boot Windows 7 x64 from Windows XP x86 without the option to boot from CD or USB?


I hope someone got an idea.

I have an Windows XP x86 machine where I can't boot from the optical drive nor from USB.
I'd like to install Windows 7 x64 into a VHD and found this guide:
VHD Boot from Windows XP

Unfortunately this didn't work. I suppose since the boot files from Win7 are 64 bit.

Anyone knows a better way?

Tank you & regards

Stupid me :wink:
I could simply install PLoP and use it to boot from USB and install Windows 7 to VHD. I was even the one suggesting PLoP to be integrated into EasyBCD and didn't think about it :tongueout:
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Good luck with the PLoP option. Let us know how it goes.


btw, in the past I've had success mounting the ISO from within Windows and installing.
So, I just had the chance to test PLoP.
Unfortunately PLoP shows me the message "NO CDROM FOUND" when I try to boot from disc.
That's really weird since the drive works in Windows.

Thanks for the ISO tip but it won't work since I want to install a Windows 64bit from Windows 32bit. I can't run the setup.

As a next step I will try to use PLoP to boot from USB.


I've tried USB now. When I select USB in PLoP it freezes.
But got two partitions listed:

The 2nd one successfully boots from USB :grinning:

Now I need to check how to best & safely install Win 7 next to WinXP into a VHD.


Installing Win7 into a VHD worked flawlessly and everything is working perfectly.

Now I'm considering to try differencing VHDs :wink: