Vista 64bit Recovery Hell


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My wife started her computer yesterday and the set up vista window screen appeared. I used my vista recovery disk from neosmart and chose the repair option. It went smoothly, restarted, did a chkdsk, restarted again and it went back to the vista set up window. I ran the recovery disk again and it now it asks for a winre login and pw. When the disk was starting up I saw a msg. saying could not hand off bios...or something to that effect. I pulled the hd and was able to recover everything we needed. The operating system shows in recovery and everything seems to go fine until I restart and vista set up appears. Anyone have any ideas? Virus? Hd failure? Thanks!

Mak 2.0

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You cant use our media to do reinstalls. It went to the Vista setup Window and it will continue to do so. The OS was lost and it got factory reset. There is nothing our media can do to recover from that.