Vista and Realtek ALC 883


Help with this 1 will be appreciated. I initially installed Vista Premium on a new PC with an on-board Realtek HD ALC883. The sound card worked well with the 5.1 surround sound test but not with Vista, Media Player, Media Centre, etc. After downloading the latest driver from Realtek, I eventually got it working. Perhaps I should have stopped there, but I decided to upgrade to Ultimate online (no problem) and, (no surprise) the problem re-occurred. This time re-installing the drivers I downloaded from Realtek didn't solve the problem. I've tried deleting the drivers, rebooting and re-installing the new drivers without success.
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Thanks for your response. I now believe the problem is being cause by the nasty Vista HD Audio/sleep mode bug (hotfix 934237.) Unfortunately, when I tried to install it, I received the error "fix not valid for my system," and yes, it was the correct language. Gotta love, em! Think I'll take a chance and get another sound card.
Well, if the next card you get is also a HD sound card (and it had better be, or else you're paying money for something inferior to what you already have) - wouldn't the problem still exist?
Yes the problem would still exist. The easiest way to get around this. Try to isntall the hotfix in Safe Mode. I have had this a few times with the hotfixes not on Windows Update. Like the one for the new Outlook 2007 bug that doesnt connect to Exchange servers.

Anyways i got that message. Doesnt apply to your system. I rebooted into safe mode where nothing else loads and gets in the way. It finally installed after a couple of tries.
Thanks for that info, Mak... I have a couple I dl'd a while back ( ftw!) but couldn't install because of this message.

Must try that when I install Vista again :smile:
There was a couple that even after trying in Safe Mode still wouldn't work. So what i did with those was basically go under the startup programs in the msconfig and remove everything but the AV. From there i restarted and was able to install them.

It just depends on the hotfix you are trying to install. Plus making sure you have the right one helps as well.