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I decided to join Neosmart Forums, (also as one of your fabs fans on Farcebook!) after inadvertently stomping one of the windows recovery posts earlier in march, discovered and learned many things, on Vista and on my newly bought HP (OEM)...which is included with the HP Recovery partition my surprise, it's actually much more tricky and complicated to just "recover" your laptop with that kind of partition. So i did, as any BetaTester would do...Bypass the problem and try to get around the issue rather than running thru it...I D-loaded the x64 Windows Vista Recovery as a torrent. Burned a DVD copy. (not tested yet) Then i realised i'm running the SP1 Vista, 32 bits Family Premium Edition. (any concerns with the recovery Dvd on that issue, if any...???) I have yet to test the DVD i burned, though my laptop is running well, and have no problems with it whatsoever, but the fact that i had no recov disc made me anxious at times, and wanted to resolve that as quick as possible. The End result i really deeply wanted, Hard disc image backup...and fast. This is what i did, please feel free to advise me if i'm not going to right way...!
1) I bought a 320 G USB 2.0 Portable Drive
2) Backuped the Windows Recovery x64.ISO file to it.
3) Downloaded this neat trial version software named Paragon Drive Backup...Paragon Drive Backup: system backup system restore and hard disk imaging
4) took the C: and backed up cluster by cluster at the best performance ratio setting the whole of my Disk onto the F: - total bake time 140G and 4 hours later...
***5) Fomat Hp Recovery Partition Drive for personal use and free up space...(11.7G)

I'm at the step 5 right now, and feeling pretty comfortable in the driver seat, as you guys permitted me to have a recovery Vista Disc of my own, which did not come with my initial 4 digits purchase HP laptop??? and now, a DVD burnt backup, another backup on my Portable Flash Drive, (in case) plus a 140 G backup cluster by cluster, (and this is important) of my Hard drive. Thus delivering me to format my HP Recovery Partition. Leaving my laptop with more space, as i am well over 250G of free space. My Killer Question??? Can you Boot from a External 2.0 USB Drive??? I don't know if my laptop can, or if it's available to do so, but if affirmative, that would be the sweets of the sweetiness...

Thx Neosmart, (as opposed to Neocons) and all the dev. team, Great job.

I have never heard of Family Premium Edition. It isnt even listed as a edition for Vista. Home Premium is though.

You can boot from a External drive if the laptop allows it. But Vista can not be installed on a external nor boot from one.
simonb, I'm glad you like our recovery CD - but just to clarify something: You can't use the recovery CD to reinstall Vista. Just in case :smile:
Vista Re-recovery

@ ComputerGuru,

WOW! i'm so excited...i don't know if i should ask an autograph or if i'm well enough dressed for the occasion...My best resgards...i'm honoured...and of course...i acknowledge your post, and if i want to reinstall Vista, my best bet would be from my backup. the image partition of my drive stored on my flash drive. The DVD would recover only if malfunctions , or glitches and clutches would appear...otherwise i can always restore from a past restore point that i have created also.


I am obliged to say what's textually written when i click system in my control panel (french, mind you)...

Windows Vista (TM) Édition Familiale Premium

My guess is your absolutely english it would have to be Home Premium Edition, in just i translated word for word, my mistake....

Have a good one, and i'm very happy to get your replies, i can go to sleep now, less clueless than i was earlier today, which is great...for a frenchman...!!!:booyah:
Simon I did not know that it was French. :smile:

I see how you could say it is Family Premium Edition cause that is what they say. Nice to see Microsoft keep it consistant. :tongueout:

Glad you are enjoying everything. Stop by if you ever need any assistance.