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Can any tell what this screen means? I have a Toshiba E105-S1402 and I am trying to determine how will I know if my hard drive is bad or if something else is wrong. Ican't load into Windows Vista.

Screen appears as follows:

Edit Windows boot options for : Microsoft Windows Vista

Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Partition: 2

Hard Disk: b426b1b


I have been trying to self diagnose problem but can't seem to locate any forums that is helping. I can load as far as the Toshiba logo screen and then black screen appears with white error.

How do you know if you have a boot sector problem?
Use startup repair from a Vista DVD or our recovery disc. The Vista bootloader doesnt allow you to edit entries at boot time.
Are you talking about the recovery disks? I tried your recovery disk but it doesn't do anything after that bar states that it is loading files.
Boot DVD

I tried that option, but could never get that Windows Vista screen to appear. I received boot errors. I have decided to send Laptop back to Toshiba for repair.
Boot DVD problem / KSOD

Yes, I did read that article, but my screen never says next when I put in my Vista media disk #1. All I could get it to do is say loading files at the bottom of screen and then a white bar goes from left to right across screen. Once the bar is complete the KSOD appears with the white arrow and no results. It will just sit there and never move forward. Since I can't get into Windows I can't get to command prompt to run any CHCKDSK. One thing I do know is if I hit F8 and get to the advanced options screen and try allof the options it still takes me back to the KSOD screen. I have tried numerous options from Boot Disk, Recovery Disk, and Media dics and nothing works. I have been researching this for about 4 or 5 days using different techniques but same result shows. I can go into BIOS and see the hard disk name and the CD drive name and other information, but nothing I have done works. I have read forums talking about partitions. I don't have a dual boot just simple Windows Home Premium Vista 64. I didn't want to take that laptop apart since it was still under warranty.
Usually when a user gets issues lke this where you can't complete boot from Windows media there's a problem with the the hard drive, whether its bad blocks or a hard drive on its way out. You probably did the right thing, hopefully they'll fix it for you than and ship it back in working condition.
Is there a way to know what files should be on the boot DVD. I was thinking that mabe all of the files are not on the DVD.


Also, I kept getting the unmountable_boot_volume error. I never had problems with my last Toshiba andi I had it for 7 years until stolen.
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The Windows media when booted scans the hard drive, so if it runs into errors along the way it may not finish booting. The unmountable boot volume error indicates it attempted to mount the Windows partition on your hard drive but failed to for one reason or another.
Hi, I have almost the exact same problem as the thread starter. I have a Acer Aspire 4520 bought recently. The problem occurs after I boot up my laptop and after it goes past the bios screen, it has that loud continuous beep. And then when I press some random keys, like enter or esc...etc, I come to the edit boot options screen as follows, Edit Windows boot options for : Microsoft Windows Vista Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe Partition: 2 Hard Disk: b235b9b [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN D I have absolutely no idea what is going on and how to fix it. Oh btw, I downloaded the recovery image and went through the repair process, but it did not solve the problem. Your help will be much appreciated!

I forgot to mention that my vista is still working. I can still go into the log in screen but it's very embarrassing when I use my laptop in public because the loud beeping sound that can easily be taken as fire alarm. Anyways, I don't understand what [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN D mean? and why is it optin D and not optin C when I always boot from C drive? :nerd:
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