Vista dual boot - lost boot after cmos reset?

Hi, well you helped me last year get my dual boot working, but Ive managed to stuff up my dual boot since:shame:

Because of my 'unique?' set up Im having a real problem getting my bootloader sorted. I can boot vista through the dvd.
Ive ran easybcd several times and tried bootrec in cmd.

When I run vista dvd and use Recovery console it shows the drive as E:
Is that where my problem lies.

Im pretty much dumbfounded after 4 days of trying
Ive attached my Vista bootmanager screenie and the easybcd debug screenie.



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THe BCD shows boot manager device unknown, and you have D:\ as your "system" (i.e where it's looking for boot manager)
Why isn't your Vista disk 1st in the BIOS ? Why are you trying to boot from D: ?
If you want to boot from D: , then boot the DVD and run "startup repair" a few times.
If you're supposed to be booting from C:, then put that disk first in your BIOS HDD sequence and run "startup repair" if needed.
It might boot straight away.

Hi, I didnt notice that D: had Sys against it?
It has no OS on it. Its just used for storage as its my old lappys 20gb ide hd. After reading your post I paid it a visit and deleted the boot mbr file placed there.

My other HDs are 200gb Sata which has Vista on it and 120gb Sata which has XP on it.

My Bios HD boot order is 1st 200gb Sata, 2nd 120gb Sata and 3rd 20gb IDE.
Ive tried running the Vista startup repair but it says no errors found.
How do I tell the Bios or pc where Sys is.?

Should I try and reboot with the 20gb IDE drive and the 120gb Sata removed? Would that allocate Sys to my Vista 200gb drive?!
Sorry just confused as to why its showing that as Sys.....although I assume its cos my bios lists the IDE channels first before the SATA drives ie allocating them IDE 2 and IDE 3.

Yes, having other disks visible can confuse the startup repair, especially a SATA /IDE mix.
Do disconnect those disks temporarily, then do the repair 3 times.
Then ensure Vista is 1st in the BIOS HDD sequence when you reconnect the other disks.
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Thanks Terry..........
disconnected the other drives........and it repaired and now boots off HD.

gonna try and connect Sata2 - Xp OS next.
and then try dual boot again.

once again......Thank you