Vista Home Premium 64bit Recovery

I am not sure if it is working correctly. I had a power interruption while MS updates were occuring, although the pc had been doing this for over 18 hours so I am assuming there was already a problem. The HDD would not boot after this happened so I got the recovery CDs. I went to the system repair: restore and it found two restore points so I picked the older one, just to be safe. It supposedly is recovering to a restore point but I don't see any activity and has been well over an hour since it started. Is there a way I can see any activity and know that it is doing what I want it to do? It was seeing my C: drive and another drive just titled "data drive" or something like that which I am assuming is my D:, or recovery partition. If I do get frustrated and there is way to stop it with doing no harm, Should I return and try finding restore shots from that drive? I really am new to this and am trying my very best to retrieve my hard drive so that I lose as little as possible.

Mak 2.0

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There is only a progress bar to show activity. If that isnt moving then there is something wrong.

You can stop it, but there is no saying that it wont be without harm. Most likely there was already damage to the system due to the power failure during updates. It could have even corrupted the restore points. I would highly suggest getting a Linux LiveCD like Ubuntu, backing up your data that way (if possible) and doing a factory reset.


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Also, any problem caused by WUD qualifies for free support from MS, so email them.
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OK; I jumped-in on this thread and read that reply from Mak 2.0.
I followed everything until the very end of his reply; it said: "...doing a factory reset".
What exactly does it mean to do "...a factory reset" ?


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OEM pre-installed versions of Windows don't supply you with a Windows installation DVD. They generally have a customized boot menu for repair and recovery, with varying degrees of "fix".
The most fundamental of those when all else fails is the "factory reset". This uses a disk image stored in a hidden OEM partition to do what the name implies. It puts the PC back in the state it came in when you first opened the box and plugged in into the wall socket.
Every app and every fix applied since day one will have to be done again from square one, and all of your personal files will be lost.