vista is deleted, drivers missing

hi. i am from germany and bought a vaio tz 2000 in the states. but acting without thinking, I deleted every partition and installed my old xp. but bad surprise, some drivers were missing, esp. the one for the camera. no, what can i do? Except for buying a recovery cd at sony usa. My best option right now, after some days of research, to go back to xp and deal with some missing drivers.

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I found you some drivers. Tada!

1) Go here.
2) Click on the "Install Another Operating System" tab
3) Select "Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP" from the drop-down box. Or, if you want to re-install Vista, select the appropriate version of Vista from the list.
4) You will be given a list of all compatible drivers.

How's that for you?
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i will try it these days. i am not sure if we tried the "Install another system" options. i will see how it works the next hours. but we really spend a lot of time on that problem. would be great if it can be that easily solved.