Vista is not hibernating & slow start up!

Two days ago after updating my windows, it stopped starting windows first I thought there is something wrong with HDD but by the answer I got from this forum I realized that some thing is wrong with my boot sec and I followed all steps issued on posts of recovering boot loader of Vista manually and then I downloaded EasyBCD and did all steps, but I had still problems with hibernating.

whenever I was trying to hibernate after pushing power button to turn computer on again it was starting windows again but really slowly and ...
so I restored windows to one day before update but still problem exists and not only it is not hibernating but also when it comes to start windows it takes ages to come up!

can any body help me with this hibernation and slow start up problem?
Defrag your hard drive/remove uneeded startup programs with msconfig. Basically its slow becuase you haven't preformed preventitive maintenance on it for awhile. If you can't even get the computer to hibernate, you need to get the newest drivers for your system. Not all OEMs provide this support though (Got a desktop/laptop from Dell w/ Vista and the latest drivers only allow me to put the computer to sleep).
I updated almost all OEMs

I updated almost all OEM and I am defragmenting drives although it had always scheduled defragmenting, but it seems problem is about my startup files because before windows signs appearing it takes 30 seconds and then it start windows like I have shutted down it.

It simply doesn't accept resuming windows after hibernating.

I used instructions given in your recovering windows post and EasyBCD recovering both 1st step and 2nd one but I had still problems so I recovered it to the day before updates and after it updated windows again completely.

what can I do about this?
Perhaps you can state which post you're referring to?

If you don't have the hibernate option you'll need to make sure you got the latest drivers. If you still got the hibernate option and its hanging than you are having a software problem. Which program might be causing it I have no clue. If you've recently updated drivers they could also be the problem. Nevertheless, lets scan the system files for corruption and check and fix any problems with your disk:

sfc /scannow
chkdsk c: /r

If the first command finds corrupted files and cannot fix them, your install is corrupt beyond basic repair and a re-install + SP1 will be needed. When SP1's applied and there's no corruption, Vista is pretty much stable as XP but until that's applied you're going to have problems.
I followed this link which you referred
Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

I have hibernate option and actually whenever I want to hibernate, everything seem to be OK but it starts windows like the way I shuted it down with a difference it takes longer! and there are some long delays.

I checked my drivers again and I tried to update them and except sound driver nothing needed.

Yes, after installing updates I faced booting problems and by following steps one after another I could finally access the windows but without hibernation.

I tried to uninstall SP1 which I had from some months ago but simply I was not able to, each time I face error uninstalling for some reason but I don't think it is because of SP1, I think there is something wrong with new updates.

I did check disk and ... you told me to do and nothing was wrong!

What else you think I can do?
Anyways thank you for your kind attention.
In regards to this thread I didn't provide that link. It is used to fix non-booting Windows installs, but since you can boot your computer than it won't help.

Those are about your only options. When things go wrong, reinstall...
Yes, my windows was not coming up and I used these links to fix it, Although it is coming up now but I have a new problem: it is neither hibernating nor let me access restoring it, by pressing F8 before appearance of windows logo it has to give me options like restore and etc.

Whenever I press F8 or any F button before windows coming up it simply stops working and I can even hear a sound after some seconds which I think is the sound of HDD switching off.

Now what can I do for it?
It sounds like you've reached the stage where your best option is to use what function you still have to back-up all your user data to external storage, and reinstall Vista, with a nice clean full-format install.

If you own a Vista DVD, it's simple.
If you have an OEM Vista with a recovery partition, and you're having trouble accessing that recovery partition at boot, there should still be an option to access the recovery environment from inside Vista. If the option is available, and you haven't done it already, burn yourself some recovery CDs from that OEM environment, and use them to do a factory reset with a full format.
A nice clean OS on a nice clean HDD should see you back working fine again.
I don't know of any general WUD problems on Vista, so the one you had was probably caused by a corrupted install from which you never recovered. On a freshly formatted disk it shouldn't happen a second time.

Sometimes it's better just to cut your losses, admit defeat, and stop trying to patch-up a sick system.
We tend not to start from scratch because we perceive it as a big job, but in trying to avoid it, we often use far more time and effort eventually.
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Thank you for your advice, but I don't have access to that recovery drive from vista and whenever I press F8 it stops working. the problem is accessing that drive.
by using that recovery CD made by neosmart and using command I can reach it but then I can't write a backup of it on a DVD.

Do you think there is a way of factory reset for me?
You access your recovery partition with a special key combination as you're booting the computer, not when you're inside of Windows. Your documentation/OEM's website should have this information. Our recovery disc cannot be used for re-installs, so it is necessary that you either boot from your recovery partition or locate/call in for a recovery set from your OEM.
I restored my laptop using Sony restore tool finally.
Thank you very much. Actually I was stupid not looking inside Sony tools before.
I have to apologize wasting your time. But I learned too much from you people.
Thank you very much for everything.
There's no more effective way of learning about something than salvaging a recovery from an incipient disaster. Far more effective than just reading about it.
"What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger" (or some such trite homily)
Glad you're back running again with a nice clean system.
Time to wipe the fevered brow, sit back at the keyboard with a nice cold beer, and relax.

(But first, burn yourself a set of Sony recovery disks now while the system is stable. Sometime in the future you might not be able to access that partition through boot-time options or through Vista, and you'll be so glad you did.)
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