Vista recovery disc - can't find hard disks

Hey guys!

I messed up my bootloader trying to install XP on the same drive as my vista installation. My XP installation is dysfunctional, so now I'm trying to restore the Vista boatloader with no OS or installation CD (I have an OEM Vista PC) I'm attemping to use the Vista recovery CD, but it doesn't seem to see my hard disks. I tried downloading the drivers for my nForce SATA RAID controller and giving them to the recovery system, but to no avail, it still doesn't see my hard disks. Any suggestions?


Yes, how did you give them to your recovery system? In other words, remind me what Vista recovery says to do when you get to that point. For XP it was press F6 to load SATA drivers, which you had to have on a floppy. So does Vista allow a CD or USB flash drive? You might need to integrate the driver into a recovery CD, which isn't trivial. Anyway, yes, expand on what you did or tried to do...