Vista Recovery Disk does not show Install window

I have created a recovery disk using Torrent. When rebooting I hit the F12 key, and change the boot drive to the cd where the recovery disk is located. However, I never see the Windows Vista Install Now window. My system just boots as normal.

What have I done wrong?

bob k.


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You need to press a key when it's loading from the CD, otherwise it'll just load off your hard drive.
When the disk didn't boot using the F12 key, I used the F2 key and selected the option to start from the disk drive. I got the error: "THIS IS NOT A BOOTABLE DISK. INSERT A BOOTABLE DISK AND ENTER F1".

what am i doing wrong... again...

bob k.


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Try the disc in another computer to ensure that it was burned properly. If it doesn't, the download was either corrupt or you need to re-burn.

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