Vista Recovery login as other

did system repair on what I think was the D drive (when I shd have gone for C drive) but tried to log back in and am offered login as 'other' but I can't get in.

Have checked via files/backup in browser provided by recovery disc and files are still there so that's okay.

Just can't log back in?

(pls excuse my poor tech knowledge)


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Log in? I don't understand.
I restart and it takes me to windows user login as 'Other User' and asks for username and password -- I don't have settings or password for user known as 'Other User'.

I can access my pc via the OS provided by the recovery disc (looks quite nice) can i change user settings in there?

Also, it is trying to login to a domain, not the local machine
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Mostly Harmless
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Oh, I see.

Currently there is no way to undo a system restore. It's a good idea, and I've added it to the list of features for a future version. However, you can restore a different system restore point and that should work OK.

I recommend using the browse/backup feature to copy your important files if you do anything scarier than that.

Thanks for the suggestion and for the praise on how it looks. We tried really hard to make it clean, aesthetically-pleasing, and as simple as possible while not sacrificing power or capabilities.