Vista recoveryy from blackscreen


I purchased the recovery disk and am having no success in booting up with it. It does boot, I just can't access the recovery menu as the display shows 'out of range'. I can see files loading and got a glimpse of the menu one time.

Original problem is a black screen with cursor immediately following the windows scroll bar at start up. I have tried safe mode, previous start points, and recovery items short of complete restart from the original state.

System is a Compaq dou-core running Vista Home premium with 3gb ram.

In running the recovery partition menu system checks, everything checks out except for an error on partition table repair -- 0x490 -- no OS files found on disk.

Should the recovery disk I purchased be able to help, e repair this?



This sounds great but I can't seem to get to a command prompt. When asked to boot up with 'Vista media' can you clarify? I don't have the Vista disks but can reach the recovery partition and have the recovery ISO disk I downloaded. Again neither will get me to a command prompt. Same black screen. This forum entry describes my symptoms perfectly. Thanks.

Mak 2.0

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If you hit F8 during the boot process can you get to the Advanced Boot Menu and use the Command Prompt from there?