Vista x64 + Ubuntu dual boot problem

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My setup is this:
hd0,1 - vista recovery partition, 12gb
hd0,2 - vista x64, 200gb
hd0,3 - linux swap, 2gb
hd0,4 - ubuntu 8.10 x64, 20gb
hd0,? - about 20gb empty space (will be used to install other os later)

I have installed grub explicitly to hd0,4 using /dev/sda4 as shown in partition program. I did this by using advanced button during installation. After installing I tried adding it using latest EasyBCD but the boot manager said it couldn't find anything. So I re-installed grub manually by booting in with Ubuntu LIVE CD to /dev/sda4 (this is my linux partition). Installation says it finished ok.

Removed it from EasyBCD and re-added a new entry but still nothing when I use try to boot.

After reading some posts I downloaded EasyBCD 2 beta but this version doesn't allow me to list devices in linux mode. It actually hangs the application and I need to kill it.

I could use some help with this.
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