vista/xp dual boot help


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Hi I have vista installed first on c and I installed xp pro on another hard drive, but can't reach it because of 2 things it gives me a hal.dll error and also boot problem.

How can i fix this simply please
Hello locustcounter Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

As for your problem. Try reading thru the EasyBCD Wiki...

The hal.dll can be fixed by inserting you XP CD and copying that file off the CD to your XP drive thru the Recovery Console.

The boot problem should be explained in the Wiki. Let us know how thigns work out for you. :grinning:
Sounds like a mis-configured boot.ini. That would be responsible for both of your problems - probably ATM boot.ini is actually pointing to the Vista drive/partition, and that doesn't use the same hal.dll that XP uses.

Just change the numbers in boot.ini around and you should be good to go.