W7,XP won't boot

I re-added, after clearing, W7 and XP to BCD which had been operating more or less successfully on the computer. They both were added successfully. Now neither will boot,nor can I reach the BIOS to use a Boot disk for XP.Thanks for any suggestions.

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Can you get into any OS at all? Getting into the BIOS is something altogether different, as EasyBCD just affects the BCD of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It doesnt start until after the BIOS and POST have already finished their part.


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What problem did you have that prompted you to delete the contents of your BCD and re-add entries ?
Presumably whatever it was is now responsible for the total inability to boot.
W7 controls the dual-boot, not XP, so you need to effect a repair from the W7 DVD, not the XP CD.
Recovering the Windows Bootloader from the DVD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki.
This is a list of manufacturer-specific instructions for accessing the BIOS, if your problem concerns the "how-to"
How to access/enter Motherboard BIOS