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Very funny , Peter, your right though, i just hope the architects thought about everyhting, and i can just imagine you get a little dazed and confused from the boat ride on a daily basis...Although i didn't see the specs personally. Curious to see how it's going to turn out.


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Well they are going to build them in Moscow and, where else, Dubai....naturally. I guess we shall have to wait and see. Of course it'll be the rich and famous who buy into it so we probably will never get to actually see inside one.
All these expensive condos going up everywhere makes me wonder, just how many rich people are there in this world?
We have such a glut of them here in Toronto that they are now building them to rent out as they've run out of buyers.
is it true that dubai is the fastest growing city and has the most percent of high rise residential buildings in the world???


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Not sure but I do know that Dubai has 25 percent of the world's cranes at the moment.
wow 25% that must be over 5mil rite?
i also happen to know that they are the leaders in man-made islands such as:
palm islands:

world islands:

no idea what the rest are called:

(getting kinda crowded don;t you think?????)

and the finale atlantis revealed:

i'm pretty sure they have internet there


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You are pretty sure they have internet......?????? Is the Pope Catholic? Considering they probably didn't have electricity in most homes until relatively recently they have come a long way to fulfilling their dream of NOT being reliant on "expendable" oil reserves.

Re: cranes. those figures were last counted in 2006 and they had actually 30,000 or 24% of the world's 125,000 construction cranes.
Dad Sells Baby's Name for $100 Gas Card

1-first of all $100 of gas will only last 2 days at the c current time so a great big waste
2- the kid is really gonna have a hell of a time growing up knowing that his parents ruined his life for a bit of free gas
3-what happens if the baby doesn't make it???????????????

okay replying to peters post
look at the technology they have over there they'd better have internet
and okay i look like a complete idiot with my 5mil cranes anyone wanna buy some?
but that was 2 years ago the total number of cranes at the current moment is:
couldn't find a recent one
but here is a cool fact:
With an estimated 1.3 million population, the 30,000 cranes translate to one per 44 inhabitants in Dubai, marking it the closest ratio for construction crane per man.

and the number one cement user in the world is ..................................(start guessing),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..................................................................................................................................................

yep you guessed it chinnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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The 1st one's not so strange. Metal thefts of all kinds are on the up all over the world. It's because of the Chinese demand for metals in their booming economy causing scrap prices to rocket.
A couple of years ago in UK, you had to pay a scrap man to take an old car from you, because it cost him more to comply with the environmental disposal laws than the metal value of the vehicle. Now they'll come to you to collect an old banger, and pay you too.
Yeah i watched a Top Gear episode where he buys an old car for 1$ from a volvo dealer because the dealer would have had to pay the scrap guy more to take it.
the rat in my food was already tried with a frog, green salad and mcdonalds
as for the metal well here there are people who drive around begging you to sell your rusted metal items and car batteries to them


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lmao, nice link, Terry! Thank God my ASUS doesn't give me any problems :smile:
Well i guess we know where Douglas Adams got the ideo for the talking fish.


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The same stupid thoughts that any moronic parent thinks when they decide to name their kids idiotic names. Clear cut case for enforced sterilisation if you ask me. Pity the kids with parents like that.
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