What are you listening to


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we need one of these lol

Just post what you are listening to.


Danzel Vs Dj F.R.A.N.K. ~ My Arms Keep Missing You - from the top 100 trance songs of all time
I am in Ubuntu 8.04LTS now. I have Amarok installed with my music so i will turn it on. :tongueout:

Random has selected:

50 Cent - Wanksta
how much space does that all take up?

Winamp says i currently have: 10089 items, 35Days + 13:42.06 at 54.10 GB mostly techno/trance hardcore lol

Atc ~ Around The World - Top 100 Trance Songs of All Time
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Takes up about 160GB. Will have to post the timeframe when i get back into Windows with WinAmp.

2Pac - Death around the corner
XauX ~ Heart is Bleeding - American Teen Noise

there are few artist i like in the Breakcore / Electro / Grindcore genre but he is one of them ^_^