What Dell is telling their users about Win 10 upgrade

What Dell is telling their users about Win 10 upgrade - Windows 10 upgrade walkthrough

"This article discusses the critical steps that you should take before a Windows 10 upgrade, such as backing up data, updating drivers prior to upgrade, and verifying that the system supports an upgrade to Windows 10."

If you are upgrading your system from Win 7 SP1 or Win 8.1 Dell recommends BEFORE upgrading:
"Update critical drivers
Dell strongly recommends that you update the drivers for your operating system before starting an upgrade to Windows 10. The Windows upgrade process migrates current drivers for your computer rather than installing new "in-box" drivers, so you will want to have the latest drivers on your computer for this migration."

AFTER upgrading to Win 10:
"Update your computer with Windows 10 drivers after the upgrade
Once your computer has finished the upgrade to Windows 10, check the Dell drivers website for updated drivers for Windows 10 that may not have made it into Windows Update. Install all drivers under Windows 10 that are appropriate for your computer.

When I started upgrade process for my Win 8.1 system, I found a new BIOS version and six driver that I installed to my Win 8.1 system.