What Subjects Are Allowable In This Section?


Being as I am, a bit of a new poster here, I don't know if NeoSmart wants to encourage non-technical discussion.. set me right if so.

But, anyone seen the film 'Boys Don't Cry'? They just showed it on TV here & I never realised it was a true(ish) story till the very end. Gee. It kinda got me. Sad story. Grown man got through some tissue tonight :lup:

Oh well that's all from your friendly local insomniac Brit this evening, back to messing about with php, I now return you to your normal programming.
No worries, this section is our 'anything goes' zone.. It's just one measely section, I know, but it goes by demand :tongueout:

I didn't get a chance to watch the movie myself, but from what I heard it was very realistic and down-to-earth emotions and stuff... dunnno.