when do I install easyBCD? Before the osx install?

Hi there, new to the forum. I have a MSI wind computer that has unused HDD space that I want to install osx to. (licensed). I already have a install of Vista that I am using and want to keep. Will I install EasyBCD before I install the osx os or after? The image of osx I am installing has a utility called Darwin. I am guessing I will not use this if I use easyBCD? I searched the forum here, but did not find any posts that answered the exact question that I have. Any help much appreciated!


I think I have found the answer to my question here: http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Mac+OS+X If this info is outdated or incorrect could you please point me in the proper direction? Thanks.
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EasyBCD is installed in Windows. It doesn't matter if that's before or after, as long as you have it at the end to add a working OS X entry to Windows bootloader. Have your Windows disc ready to put Windows back in charge after the OS X installation following these instructions. Also make sure you've got the latest [thread=642]version[/thread].
EasyBCD is freeware, and its not the bootloader.
The bootloader is courtesy of Microsoft, and is automatically installed when Windows is installed (therefore, you could say the bootloader is free also, since Vista came pre-installed). However, when you install OS X, the Windows MBR will be replaced, meaning you will need to use the Vista installation disk (Repair My Computer->Startup Repair) to repair it, and put Windows back in charge of the boot.
Yes you are correct, the OS X install broke the Windows MBR. Glad I had my Windows disk. It fixed it in just a few seconds. I will try today to use the EasyBCD program today to get OS X to boot. Thanks.


I added another boot entry into EasyBCD and chose "Mac OS X" It does not boot into OS X now, it just comes up with a "GRUB" prompt. I think even with the initial install, it was not booting without the DVD. Is there some way to tell the OS X partition to be "bootable"? It is marked as "Active, Primary in Windows Disk Management. Thanks again.
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The OS X partition is marked as "active", and you're still booting Vista from the first boot menu? Better set the Vista partition to "active", and run Startup Repair again. Then re-add the OS X entry.
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I found out what was wrong. The OS X entry needed the option checked in EasyBCD for "MBR" It's working fine now. Looking backwards, I might should have purchased a commercial bootloader. Would have saved quite a bit of time. Thanks for your reply. Maybe this post will help the next guy.
Ahh, ok...you must have OS X on a different HDD than Vista, which explains why the OS X partition was "active", and you were still booting via the Vista boot menu.