Where is the instruction how to create a bootable fix in MBR is damaged or missing?

How do you create a bootable CD using EasyBCD that has everything you need to fix the Master Boot Record so that in the event that your boot files are damaged, corrupted, or deleted (and of course you can't boot your system from the hard drive) it will either fix or at least still boot your OS from your hard drive?
So then regardless of what EasyBCD does to back up the Master Boot Record and associated files while your system is still working, none of this will help you in the event that you shut down your system and then it can't reboot because of an unforeseen problem, corruption, or deletion of an important boot file. That's good to know.

So then you must purchase (becasue it's not free like EasyBCD) the "Easy Recovery Essentials/ Windows Recovery and Repair CD" in order to have the ability to run a disc that can fix the Master Boot Record and associated files in the event that you shut down your system and it will not boot (e.g., you get a DOS message saying "Boot MGR is missing." EasyBCD is of no help at this point).

Any alternatives to purchasing the CD? I hope I'm making it clear what I'm looking for.


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You don't need to purchase anyone's repair disk.
We provide one because so many people fail to create their own while they still have a working OS, and need something to turn a doorstop back into a PC.
W7 Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create Repair Disc
(Your own Installation DVD will do the same job if you have one)
I actually did create a System Repair CD using Windows 7, but when I couldn't boot the OS from my hard drive and instead got a DOS message that said "Boot MGR is missing," I attempted to use the Windows 7 System repair disc and it could not fix the problem (I selected the "Startup Repair" at the top of the Window you see here: What are the system recovery options in Windows? - Microsoft Windows Help

Because whatever was wrong did not get fixed, I'm wondering if there's a better rescue disc that can be created that can without a doubt fix the Master Boot Record despite what might be missing or corrupt. I only had the problem in the first place because I made an error using EasyBCD when I edited the boot entries after cloning a hard drive.
EasyBCD was already a "freebie."

I'm just trying to understand what are my options for making a rescue disc that will reliably fix any problem associated with a corrupt, damaged, or missing Master Boot Record and associated files. I realize you can make a System Repair disc just using Windows 7, but as I say when I tried to use this it did not work. That's becasue I selected the wrong tool for the fix ("Repair Startup" which did not work). I found out that to fix something like a missing file I needed to use the Command Prompt option in the Recovery Tools menu when I ran the repair disc, and this requires a lot of information to follow the right procedure. It can be found here: MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record - Windows 7 Help Forums


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Hello Petros,

The honest, short answer is that as you've seen for yourself, the existing solutions are not perfect. Think about how much time and effort Microsoft put into making their OS, and then see how it still doesn't work.. then realize how hard and taxing it must have been for us to create our bootable repair solution and the cost (time, effort, money) that went into it. Simply put, EasyBCD is free because we choose to make it available as a goodwill gesture to the community, and at the same time we charge for the bootable recovery products which will save *you* time and effort when you use them.. and we charge for them in order to fund their development. They wouldn't exist if they were free.


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Did you "startup repair" three times from the W7 repair disc ?
It does warn you as you run it, that you may need to do it several times.
Three seems to be the charm (I guess MBR, bootmgr, BCD) because it only fixes one problem per pass.
Did you "startup repair" three times from the W7 repair disc ?
It does warn you as you run it, that you may need to do it several times.
No I didn't run it three times, and this is now the second time somebody has told me to do this. I really did not see instructions anywhere saying to run Startup Repair three times. I just got the message that said it couldn't repair the problem. I have to remember things like this!