Which WinOs should host EasyBCD

My box originally had a single disk on it, but the disk died, and I was wiped out. I rebuilt with two disks and put an Vista OS on each disk, figuring that I could boot into the other disk if one failed. Then I worried about having the boot sequence on only one disk. Consequently, I added an SSD, put a Vista OS on it, bought EasyBCD and wrote a MBR to it, built a boot loader with three entries in it (one for each OS) and wrote that to the SSD, then I updated the three entries in the System boot loader to reflect the location (disk) of the boot choice, and wrote that to the system MBR. EasyBCD said it appeared I was writing a blank slate to the MBR, so I reloaded the system MBR, edited it, saved it, and wrote it back to the MBR. EasyBCD gave no warning; but I was never able to boot agaan. Bummer. :frowning:

I took the box to my local computer shop; they rebuilt the MBR and boot loader on the SSD, but all the lines are the same, saying recovered Vista. I want to change those lines to reflect the target disk. Do I have to do that from the system on the SSD? EasyBCD is installed on SATA1 disk, and the SSD is SATA3. Do I have to install EasyBCD on SATA3? Thanks in advance for any advice. :happy:


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