Why is recovery disk asking for login and no menu?


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Ran Vista recovery disk first time and choose Auto Repair.
Did not solve problem so decided to run recovery disk again and use other options.
Files loaded but Menu did not come up.
I got instead "Welcome to your box.
----Slitax Boot time:8s
----Slitax GNU/Linux Kernal 2.6.31-slitax tty1
----winre login:"

This happens every single time and I've tried to re-start it about 12 times over two days.
The Recovery Menu does not appear.

Do I need a new version or a refund?


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The "winre login:" message...info. about it.

Hi all: Many people at this link http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9544
are reporting the same problem with that "winre login:" message.
When people purchase a Recovery Disk on the SystemDiscs.com website,
they should be for-warned about that "winre login:" message popping-up;
and given advice about it before they do their purchase
--that way, it wouldn't be so confusing to them when they actually get that message.

I my case, when I got that "winre login:" message, I rebooted the PC using
that same EasyRE cd--re-trying it several times over a 2 day period--eventually, the EasyRE
cd apparently progressed past whatever was causing the problem and my screen got to
the proper EasyRE menu (with all the usual options to either diagnose and/or recover
the windows partition--as documented by the SystemDiscs website). So now,
I suspect the "winre login:" screen functions like a general-purpose message which
means "un-able to complete the boot process" (for 1 reason or another; and is may be
associated most often with the graphics adapter, but may be any number of other reasons
the EasyRE cd can't/couldn't complete). When I finally did get to the normal EasyRE
menu, the screen/display resolution was hard to read; but I was able to read it enough
to guess at what my options were on each screen I was given.

At least now, I know to keep re-trying the EasyRE cd until that "winre login:" message
is by-passed--assuming it does by-pass it after about 6 to 10 tries; but, if it doesn't
eventually by-pass that "winre login:" message, then that's when you simply need
to e-mail support@SystemDiscs.com and request another ISO file (because you may
have any number of problems--is my guess: a defective ISO file; a graphic display conflict;
the wrong version of the Windows system for the PC your trying to fix; etc.).

Hope all of that info. helps someone out there.
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Thanks for sharing info about your experience, Joe.