Why is text editing NOT available in EasyBCD

I have a problem that EasyBCD created and I cannot fix because text editing is not available in Display Mode.

First I am using Hard Drives larger than Windows supports i.e. 3TB and 4TB and I have installed them using GPT and Uefi and silly me Seeing that EasyBCD was compatible with EFI or (Uefi) used EasyBCD to edit the boot information.
First I deleted one of the drives in the "View Setting" with "Edit Boot Menu" then recreated the Drive with it's proper name, except when I went back to the "View Setting" EasyBCD had changed more than the name, and I can't get what it changed back, because there is nowhere to edit manually....

The part that was changed was that a Drive using MBR is pointed to winload.exe but a Drive using EFI is pointed to winload.efi and of course the EFI can't boot because it is being pointed to the wrong file.
If I could use an editor I could change it back in the blink of an eye, but NO where in EasyBCD can you do that (to my knowledge) it is so frustrating.

What is worse is that I can't find anywhere on the Internet a program that can help, I have spent days looking and trying programs, and none will do it.
If I don't find a solution in the next day or so, I will have no option but to back everything up on the drive and re-install Win8.1 Just so that I can boot from it again.
Oh, I tried EasyRE 8, and it was useless, it couldn't even find a problem, which I could understand if Win8 and 8.1 had just been released but they have been around for over 2 years, and Windows 9 is not far away either.

EasyBCD is just NOT USER FRIENDLY to Win 8 & 8.1 and the words "compatible with 8" should be removed before some else makes a simple mistake IMO.
I even paid for EasyBCD about a month or so ago, and a copy of EasyRE 8, not that much, but money is money, and it's cost me a huge amount in lost time, something like 48+ hours.

If anybody knows of something that will help me fix these three letters, I will be extremely thankful

rbarnold :ldown:


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EasyBCD doesn't do "text editing" because there is no such thing as randomly making changes to human-friendly interpreted BCD output and getting it understood and re-implemented in the system BCD store.
You'll want to use the command line bcdedit.exe to do what you're trying.