Will a windows 10 upgrade reconfigure my existing easyBCD configuration?

Hi folks,

I have two hard drives on my computer one partitioned into C D and E with windows 7 on each partition (OEM copy one product key all seem to run fine as regards activation)

Usually in the past when I upgraded to the latest windows I lost the dual or triple boot function and had to reconfigure with easyBCD, by the way a brilliant application and saved me much hassle each time.

So my question is if I upgrade one of my windows 7 to windows 10 will I probably have to reconfigure the dual boot afterwards as I probably have only the option of booting into windows 10?

Thanks for any help.


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Each W10 new build of the Technical Preview has overwritten BCD information and needed restorative EasyBCD action by changing the "default" setting to W10 regardless of how it was previously set. The multi-boot information was all still present.
I don't imagine the RTM will be any different.