Will not boot to W10, will boot to Linux Mint

I installed EasyBCD and went to bed. In the morning when I tried to boot I got the W10 dual boot window. Linux Mint was my first choice. Last choice was W10. Two memory tests in-between these choices. It will boot to Linux Mint but the W10 option takes me to a EasyBCD option offering NeosmartLinux and Linux Mint neither of which will boot.

In Linux I can see my W10 system disc is intact on drive C. Linux is on drive D.

I tried to boot from an EasyRE image on a thumb drive after setting the boot to the thumb drive but got the W10 dual boot screen instead.

All of this is making me a bit nervous about using EasyRE, I may be able to force it by changing the BIOS option to boot from my CD/DVD drive with an EasyRE CD in it and then the C drive. If that works I can run EasyRE. But, again, I am a little nervous about this.

What is the proven path forward? Thank you for any valid help.


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Installing EasyBCD does absolutely nothing to your PC (except take up a little space).
Did you run it and tell it to change something ?
If so, what did you tell it to do ?
If not, then whatever problems you are having are completely unrelated to the presence or absence of EasyBCD on your system.
Terry, perhaps I did not make myself clear. I installed Linux on drive D. I configured EasyBCD in W10 on drive C. W10 was the primary boot and Linux the secondary. I had run Linux Mint prior to going back to Windows and configuring EasyBCD. In the morning at startup from hibernation I got the W10 bootloader screen with Linux mint as the primary choice and W10 as the fourth choice. Choosing W10 takes me to the EasyBCD booloader screen with Neosmartlinux or Mint. Neither boot.

I understand that Mint has a boot repair and I have downloaded the EasyRE boot repair. But before I use either of these I would like to hear from someone who has a solution. Thank you.


Knows where his towel is.
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the EasyBCD booloader screen
EasyBCD isn't anything to do with the actual boot. The boot menu is presented by MS W10 bootmgr. All EasyBCD does (on an already running OS) is enable you to monitor or edit the contents of bootmgr's BCD store to affect what you see in that menu on subsequent boots.
If W10 is no longer an option in its own boot menu, then presumably you mistakenly removed it whilst intending to do something else.
Can you remember what you did with EasyBCD and what you were actually intending to achieve ?
The only way to get W10 back again is to repair the Windows boot.
If you have EasyRE that should do it for you, though I have no personal experience of using it.
I've always installed every version of Windows on a custom built PC using the MS installation media (CD, now DVD) which will effect the repair itself if you select "repair your computer" rather than "Install" after you boot it.
Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD
You can also, if you have access to another W10 PC anywhere, create a CD-ROM which will repair the boot using the same routines as the Installation DVD
Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create repair disk
I should have read this before going to my friend's house today. I'll go down tomorrow morning. Thanks for the help. And, while you are at it, I'd love some tattie scones if you wouldn't mind. Oh, aye.