Will only boot into windows 8 if I shut down from 8

My dual boot has been working fine,but in the last week it has been playing up.
I have Windows XP and Windows 8. If I shut down my computer while using Windows 8,
the next time I start it up it will go straight to 8 and not take me to the Windows
Boot Manager screen. But if I restart from Windows 8 it then takes me to the Windows
Boot Manager Screen where I have a choice to boot to Windows 8 or XP. If I shut the computer
down in XP. The next time I start the computer, I am taken to the Boot Manager screen with the
choice to boot into Windows 8 or XP. Hope someone can help thank you.


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Thank you Terry that worked. I did see this on the forums then tried to find it again but couldn't. Thank you for your help for a second time.